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Unlock the ultimate online gaming experience at 1xSlots Casino, where only licensed and top-quality games make the cut. We’re proud to showcase our partnership with leading game developers, ensuring a secure, engaging, and trustworthy gaming adventure. Dive into the world of premium online casino gaming with our handpicked selection of top providers:

Playson – The Pioneers of Fun



Hailing from Malta and founded in 2001, Playson stands at the forefront of the gaming industry with over 150 titles that redefine online gaming. Here’s why Playson is a game-changer:

1. Diverse and Certified Portfolio:
– Offering more than 100 captivating online casino games.
– Each game is rigorously tested and certified, meeting Europe’s stringent regulatory standards.

2. Seamless Transition to Digital:
– Evolved from crafting physical casino machines to designing state-of-the-art virtual slots.
– Mobile-optimized games reflect the trend towards on-the-go gaming.

3. Exceptional Slot Experiences:
– Known for slots with varied themes, from classic fruits to adventurous space quests.
– Engaging storylines, distinctive characters, and eye-catching graphics ensure a memorable gaming session.

4. Wide-Ranging Gaming Options:
– Beyond slots, explore roulette, blackjack, and video poker variants with high-definition graphics and 3D animations.

5. Uncompromised Safety and Security:
– Commitment to player safety and game reliability is paramount, backed by AGCC licensing.

6. Global Recognition:
– A reputable name in online casinos worldwide, turning players into millionaires.

7. Dynamic and Immersive Gameplay:
– Games feature original, dynamic gameplay and thematic soundtracks for an immersive experience.

8. New Releases and Customizable Settings:
– Frequent new releases keep the excitement fresh, with customizable settings for a personalized touch.

9. Free-to-Play Fun:
– Enjoy Playson’s slots for free with demo versions, no registration required.

10. Guaranteed Fair Play:
– Fair play is a cornerstone, ensuring no manipulation of slots for genuine excitement and rewards.

PG SOFT – Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming

pocketgames soft

Since its inception in 2015, PG SOFT has emerged as a powerhouse in mobile game development, boasting multiple licenses and a portfolio of over 30 innovative games. Discover why PG SOFT is at the cutting edge of mobile gaming, transforming how players engage with online casinos.

At 1xSlots Casino, we bring you the finest in online gaming, partnering with industry leaders like Playson and PG SOFT. Experience unparalleled gaming quality, safety, and enjoyment with our curated selection of casino games. Join us now and elevate your gaming journey to new heights!



PG SOFT – Pioneering Mobile Gaming Excellence

Discover the trailblazing spirit of PG SOFT, a premier mobile game developer rooted in Malta. Since launching in 2015, PG SOFT has revolutionized mobile gaming with a blend of artistic brilliance and innovative gameplay. With a dynamic team of 200 across Europe, North America, and Asia, PG SOFT synthesizes the vast expertise of its founders and an award-winning cadre of artists and creators to set new standards in the video slots industry.

Highlights of PG SOFT:

  1. Worldwide Operations:
    • With a footprint across continents, PG SOFT’s global reach underlines its versatile gaming appeal.
  2. Expert Team:
    • The backbone of PG SOFT is its skilled co-founders and a creative force of artists and innovators, pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.
  3. Innovative Gaming Solutions:
    • At the forefront of gamification, PG SOFT transforms mobile apps into captivating gaming experiences.
  4. Unrivaled Gameplay and Graphics:
    • PG SOFT’s offerings stand out with their engaging gameplay and visually stunning designs, ensuring a memorable gaming journey.
  5. Significant Presence on 1xSlots:
    • 1xSlots proudly features over 60 slots from PG SOFT, highlighting the demand and excellence of their gaming catalogue.
    • New releases from PG SOFT are eagerly anticipated and quickly integrated into 1xSlots’ offerings.
  6. Artistic Mastery:
    • Each PG SOFT game is a visual masterpiece, showcasing the company’s dedication to aesthetic excellence and captivating graphics.
  7. Profitable Gaming Experiences:
    • Known for high returns, PG SOFT’s games combine lucrative opportunities with exceptional player experiences.


In a remarkably short span, PG SOFT has carved a niche in mobile gaming, enchanting players and platforms like 1xSlots with its focus on gamification, stunning visuals, and compelling content. PG SOFT’s rapid rise and the widespread adoption of its games underscore the quality and appeal of their gaming solutions in the competitive online gambling market.

Rabcat Gambling – Austria’s Gaming Gem

rabcat gaming

Originating from Austria and established in 2001, Rabcat Gambling is a distinguished name in online gaming, offering a compact yet impactful portfolio of over 21 games. Known for their innovation and supported in English, Rabcat’s games are a testament to quality and creativity in the gaming world.

Rabcat Gambling stands as a testament to Austrian innovation in online gaming, offering a curated selection of titles that blend quality, creativity, and player engagement. With over two decades in the industry, Rabcat has earned a reputation for delivering memorable gaming experiences, marked by detailed graphics, innovative mechanics, and compelling storytelling.

Elevate Your Game with 1xSlots Casino’s Exceptional Providers

Experience the epitome of online casino gaming at 1xSlots Casino, where we exclusively feature licensed, top-tier games from the industry’s leading developers. Our commitment to a secure, immersive, and reliable gaming environment is unmatched. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled world of high-quality casino gaming with our select roster of premier providers:

Rabcat Gambling – Masterpieces of Gaming

rabcat gaming

Representing Austria since 2001, Rabcat Gambling is celebrated for its innovative English-supported games, boasting a portfolio of over 21 remarkable titles. Discover the compelling reasons why Rabcat Gambling stands out:

1. Unparalleled Graphic Design:
– Distinctive and unique designs set Rabcat’s slots apart, providing visually captivating experiences that engage and delight players.

2. Committed to Compliance and Protection:
– All software undergoes strict licensing and regulation to meet industry standards, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment.

3. 3D Video Slots Excellence:
– Specializing in breathtaking 3D video slots, Rabcat enhances the visual appeal and enjoyment of the gaming experience.

4. Immersive Realism:
– Achieving high levels of realism with 3D animations, adding depth and dynamism to each game.

5. Global Accessibility:
– Games available in multiple languages, reaching a diverse and worldwide audience.

6. Generous Return Rates:
– A high RTP of 96.6% promises fair and rewarding gameplay, enhancing player satisfaction.

7. Mobile Gaming Support:
– Ensuring games are mobile-friendly, allowing players to enjoy their favorite titles on various devices.

8. Industry Collaborations:
– Partnerships with gambling industry giants like Microgaming, enhancing reliability and trust in Rabcat’s games.

Distinctive Rabcat Slots Features:
– Multi-level systems with unique bonuses, prize rewards, and innovative features.
– Continuous development and enhancement keep Rabcat’s offerings unique and ahead of the curve.
– Designed for seamless integration into modern gaming platforms, making Rabcat’s slots widely accessible.

Popular Rabcat Slots:
Frothen Diamonds
Castle Builder
River of Riches
Dragon’s Myth

Each game is a testament to Rabcat’s meticulous attention to detail, offering players an artful and realistic gaming interface with stunning animations and immersive video trailers. The integration of control buttons into the game design not only enhances functionality but also the aesthetic appeal, setting Rabcat Gambling slots apart as a premier choice in online gaming.

Mancala Gaming – Crafting Future Classics

mancala gaming

Explore the future of online slots with Mancala Gaming, a dynamic and innovative game developer. Join us at 1xSlots Casino and delve into the extraordinary gaming worlds crafted by industry leaders like Rabcat Gambling and Mancala Gaming. Experience top-quality, safe, and enjoyable gaming today!


Since launching in 2019, Mancala Gaming has swiftly risen as a cutting-edge provider in the online gaming sphere. Boasting a robust portfolio of over 74 engaging games, we specialize in themes like Animals, Zombies, and Adventure across popular formats like Slots and Craps. Operating out of the Czech Republic, we pride ourselves on innovation, player satisfaction, and a dynamic approach to online gaming.

Discover Mancala Gaming’s Edge:

  1. Expansive Game Selection:
    • Explore our vast selection of over 74 games. From thrilling slots to captivating craps, we cater to every taste.
  2. Innovative Spirit:
    • Founded in 2019, our drive for innovation shapes our unique, player-focused games.
  3. Expert Team:
    • Our expert team is the backbone of our creativity and success, pushing boundaries in the gaming world.
  4. Exceptional Service:
    • At Mancala Gaming, excellence in service is a promise. We’re dedicated to creating remarkable experiences for players and partners alike.
  5. Integrity and Values:
    • Integrity and fairness guide our operations, ensuring respect and trust in all our partnerships.
  6. Innovative and Engaging Slots:
    • Our commitment to innovation is evident in our creative slots, setting new standards in gaming.
  7. Collaborative Success:
    • We believe in the power of partnership, fostering growth and success within the gaming ecosystem.

Mancala Gaming stands at the forefront of delivering top-tier gaming solutions, with a strong focus on innovation, quality, and player satisfaction.

IronDog Studio

IronDog Studio

Launched in 2017 in the UK, Iron Dog Studio has quickly made its mark with 41 innovative games across genres like Vikings and Sci-fi, including Slots, Roulette, and more.

Unveiling Iron Dog Studio’s Excellence:

  1. Superior Returns:
    • Our slots stand out with an impressive return percentage over 96%, enhancing your winning chances.
  2. Quality-Focused:
    • Quality is at the heart of Iron Dog’s creations, ensuring an immersive and engaging gaming experience.
  3. Distinctive Features:
    • We introduce unique features in our slots, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.
  4. Exclusive at 1xSlots:
    • Discover an exclusive collection of Iron Dog slots only at 1xSlots, offering a wide variety of themes and types.

Amatic Industries


Amatic - Premier Gaming Solutions

Founded: 1993

Game Portfolio: Over 120 titles

Main Themes: Animals, History, Magic

Game Varieties: Slots, Roulette, Card Games, Lotteries

Headquarters: Austria

About Amatic: Amatic Industries, a titan in the gaming world since 1993, began its journey in Austria under the visionary leadership of R. Bauer. Initially crafting slot machines for land-based casinos, the company skillfully navigated the digital revolution, expanding its expertise to the online casino realm.

Why Choose Amatic Games:

  1. Heritage: With decades of presence, Amatic stands as a beacon of reliability in the gaming industry.
  2. Founder’s Vision: R. Bauer’s Austrian-based enterprise reflects a legacy of innovation and quality.
  3. Digital Evolution: Transitioning seamlessly from traditional casinos to online platforms, Amatic has broadened its reach.
  4. Trust & Safety: Partnering with licensed online casinos, Amatic guarantees secure gaming and trustworthy withdrawals.
  5. Consistent Returns: Players enjoy attractive return rates on slots, fostering loyalty and trust for years.

Must-Play Amatic Slots:

  1. Admiral Nelson – Explore the high seas for treasure.
  2. Casanova – Embark on a journey of romance and intrigue.
  3. Dragons’ Pearl – Uncover the mysteries of the Orient.
  4. Wild Shark – Dive into an adventure beneath the waves.
  5. Wild Stars – Navigate the cosmos to win big.
  6. Royal Unicorn – Discover a world of fantasy and magic.
  7. Wolf Moon – Howl at the moon for epic wins.

What Sets Amatic Apart:

  1. Customization: Tailor your gaming experience with adjustable settings and touch screen compatibility.
  2. Intuitive Gameplay: Enjoy games that feel familiar yet fresh, with user-friendly controls and classic aesthetics.
  3. Diverse Portfolio: Whether it’s slots, roulette, or card games, Amatic delivers quality across all fronts.
  4. Integrity First: Amatic games are celebrated for their fairness and transparency.
  5. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing ensures a safe and fair gaming experience for all.

Experience the Best with Amatic: Amatic’s dedication to innovation, safety, and a wide-ranging game selection cements its status as a top choice for online gamblers worldwide. Embrace the Amatic difference today for unforgettable gaming moments and the chance at significant wins.

Just for the Win Studios

Just for the Win - Gaming Excellence


Just For The Win – Innovators in Slot Gaming

Just for the Win - Leading Edge Slots

Established: 2016

Game Count: 14+ exclusively video slots

Focus: Mobile and desktop video slots for both free-to-play and online gambling markets

About Just For The Win: Founded in 2016, Just For The Win (JFTW) has swiftly made its mark by developing captivating video slots that resonate with gamers around the globe. Specializing in games for both mobile and desktop, JFTW stands out in the online gambling and free-to-play industry.

Why Gamers Choose JFTW:

  1. Universal Compatibility: Leveraging HTML5 technology, JFTW slots promise seamless play across all devices, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience everywhere.
  2. Dynamic Bonus Features: Each slot is packed with unique bonus features, designed to enrich gameplay and heighten excitement.
  3. Engaging Gamification: With a vast array of gamification tools, JFTW games offer immersive gameplay that keeps players engaged and entertained.
  4. Immersive Audiovisuals: Superior sound design and captivating video sequences set JFTW slots apart, offering an unparalleled gaming atmosphere.
  5. Generous RTP: JFTW slots boast an above-average Return to Player (RTP) percentage, ensuring a rewarding gaming experience for players.
  6. Varied Game Portfolio: Though new on the scene, JFTW offers a wide variety of uniquely themed slots, each with its own set of special bonuses and free spins.
  7. Try Before You Bet: Players can enjoy JFTW slots with a free-to-play option, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics without any financial risk.
  8. Future Innovations: With a current portfolio of around 20 innovative slots, JFTW is committed to expanding its offerings with more thrilling games in the pipeline.

Looking Ahead with JFTW: Just For The Win’s dedication to innovation, mobile-optimized content, and unique gaming features heralds an exciting future in slot gaming. As the company continues to evolve its game portfolio, players can look forward to engaging in new, thrilling adventures with JFTW’s upcoming releases.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play - Excellence in Gaming

Pragmatic Play: A Leader in Casino Software Innovation

Pragmatic Play - Award-Winning Casino Games

Founded: 2015
Game Offering: 200+ titles
Base: Malta
RTP Range: Starting from 96%
Game Variety: Slot Machines, Live Casino, Bingo, Card Games, Board Games, Keno

About Pragmatic Play: Pragmatic Play, globally acclaimed for its innovative online casino software, has clinched multiple international accolades, underscoring its excellence in the gaming industry. With prestigious awards like Best Provider 2019 by AskGamblers and Sigma Slot Machine of the Year 2018 for Wolf Gold, Pragmatic Play has solidified its position as an industry pioneer.

Exceptional Gaming Portfolio: Featuring over 200 certified HTML5 games, Pragmatic Play’s portfolio stands out for its diversity, mobile optimization, and compliance across key jurisdictions. These offerings include popular slots, live casino games, and bingo, all designed to deliver unmatched entertainment experiences.

Top Picks at 1xSlots Casino: Dive into Pragmatic Play’s world of top slots at 1xSlots casino, including hits like Big Bass, Sweet Bonanza, and Book of Vikings. Each game showcases Pragmatic Play’s dedication to thrilling narratives, rich graphics, and innovative gameplay.

Blueprint Gaming: Excellence in Slot Entertainment

Blueprint Gaming - Premier Slot Games

Established: 1994

Portfolio: 100+ games
Headquarters: Malta
Average RTP: From 96%

About Blueprint Gaming: Since 1994, Blueprint Gaming has been at the forefront of the online gambling scene, offering over a hundred top-tier slot machines. Renowned for their rich graphics and dynamic soundtracks, Blueprint Gaming slots provide an immersive gaming experience that’s both engaging and rewarding.

Distinctive Features: Blueprint Gaming sets the bar high with a wide variety of slot themes, innovative bonus rounds, and extra games, ensuring there’s something for every type of player. Thanks to their commitment to stability and safety, along with comprehensive licensing, players at 1xSlots and beyond can enjoy a trusted, fair, and enjoyable gaming environment.

Blueprint Gaming’s legacy of quality and innovation continues to attract and entertain players worldwide, promising exciting and cutting-edge slot experiences from a veteran in the industry.

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